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Small Powertrain’s Own Role in the Future
 - How Can It Contribute to Build a Prosperous Carbon Neutral Society?


Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE) is pleased to announce that the 28th Small powertrains and Energy systems Technology Conference (SETC2024) will be held at the Berkeley Hotel Pratunam in Bangkok, Thailand.
The conference is jointly sponsored by JSAE and SAE International with the support of Society of Automotive Engineers – Thailand (TSAE) and Japan Land Engine Manufacturers Association (LEMA).

JSAE is asking you to share your experience and knowledge on small powertrain applications by submitting an abstract for the SETC2024.
Attendees are also encouraged to meet experts of OEMs, suppliers and academia from around the world, and discuss the challenges and developments in small powertrains and energy systems technology with them. This is the reason why the authors of papers are required to attend the conference for their presentations.


Abstracts: January 31, 2024

Draft manuscripts: April 24, 2024

Final manuscripts: July 31, 2024

Poster session application: July 31, 2024

Draft presentation material: Early September, 2024

Final presentation material: End of September, 2024

Presenter’s biography: Early October, 2024


SETC Applications

Vehicles with Motor such as ATVs, Motorcycles, Scooters, Personal mobility vehicles, Marine products, Snowmobiles, Recreational vehicles, Utility vehicles, Power assist devices, Assisted bicycles and Unmanned vehicles.

Machineries with Motor such as Snow plows and blowers, Portable power generators, Agricultural machinery, Gardening equipment, Hand tools, Small and micro-combined heat and power systems.

Note: Automobiles, Large vessels, Large aircraft, Locomotives, and Spaceships are out of the subject.

SETC Technology papers’ scope

Combustion Engines such as 2- and 4- stroke, Spark ignition, Diesel, HCCI, Unconventional and Competition.

New Energy Sources such as Hybrid, Electric drive, Fuel cells, Thermoelectric generator and Organic Rankine cycle.

Components such as Chassis, Suspensions, Brakes, Transmissions, Drivetrains, Electrical systems, Electronics, Fuel supply systems and Wheels & tires.

Development Technologies such as Numerical simulations, Measurements and Production technologies.

Fuels, Lubricants, and Tribology such as Alternative fuels, Fuel reformations, Additives, Friction losses and Wear.

Vehicle Technologies such as Dynamics, Drivability, Safety and Human factors & ergonomics.

Environmental Impacts such as Noise, Vibration, Emissions, Fuel efficiencies, After treatment, Life cycle management and Recyclability.

Materials such as Composites, Metal alloys, Ceramics, Resins, New materials and Material processing.

Manufacturing Technologies such as Heat and surface treatments, Forging, Casting, Machining, 3D printing, Assembling and Rigging.

Data Driven Digitalization such as agile development, which serves as a link between hardware and software development.

SETC New product technology papers’ scope

New Products, services, manufacturing devices, development tools including software and other new items from technical perspective. NPT papers will not be registered as technical papers and can include advertising elements in providing technical information.


1. LANGUAGE: English

No simultaneous interpretation will be provided.

2.Submission of Abstract (Online submission)

Abstracts must be submitted online via SETC website page to only ONE session, with 300 to 500 words.

Upon submission, you will receive an automatic reply with your paper offer number. If you do not receive a paper offer number at that point, please retry online submission or contact the secretariat shown on the bottom of this page.

The following information will be required during online submission process:
  • A summary that states the objective of the paper/presentation
  • Paper title
  • Name of the author and co-authors and all contact information required
  • Selection of the most appropriate technical session
The abstract should clearly state:
  • The main issues and conclusions
  • The process by which the conclusions were reached
  • The significance of the work to progress of the relevant engineering area

3. Papers/Presentations

The papers should be written and presented at the conference, which should be applications oriented.
No paper will be accepted without a presentation.

  • The papers should be prepared in hard metric (SI) units.
  • Material of a purely descriptive nature or containing commercial- ism should be omitted except new product technology session.
  • Final manuscripts should make a contribution to the state-of-the-art technology or present a comprehensive review, be of high technical quality with conclusions supported by technical data.
  • A presenting author, when his/her final manuscript is accepted, is asked to make online advanced registration via SETC website linked to the registration system and also to bring his/her own PC for presentation to the venue.
  • Excellent papers and presentations will be awarded prizes.
  • Your technical paper could be selected for SAE journal.


Preliminary program available: May 22, 2024

Conference registration system open: Early August 2024

Session timetable available: Mid-September 2024

Final program available: November 1, 2024


Information for Exhibition

OEMs, suppliers and academia will be given an opportunity to exhibit products and technical information during the conference at the venue.

Information for Poster Session

Poster session in conjunction with technical session will be also provided to graduate & undergraduate university students, and their researchers. For companies and institutes, the poster session is aimed to promote the challenging exploratory study.

Information for Advertisements and Sponsorship

The opportunity to post advertisement banner and/or advertisement on the preliminary & final programs will be offered. Furthermore, conference sponsorship program for some digital materials will be planned.
Information will be available on this website soon. For further information, please contact the SECRETARIAT.

Information for Registration

Registration information is available at Preliminary program.

Other Information

Other information such as access to venue, travel information, VISA and etc. are available at SETC website.


Information about Bangkok

Bangkok is Thailand’s capital in every sense. It is where Royal Family resides and where government and administration are located, and it is the focal point for virtually all major industrial, commercial and financial activities.
It is the country’s main port and home to one tenth of the Kingdom’s population.
Bangkok is also the country’s principal gateway and prime tourist attraction.

  • A shopping center "Siam Discovery" renovated in 2016. ©Tourism Authority of Thailand

  • Venue for SETC2024 "The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam". ©The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam

  • A gigantic gold plated Reclining Buddha, with 46m long and 15m high, in the temple "Wat Pho".
    ©Tourism Authority of Thailand


Conference Venue

The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam


VISA and Immigration Information

Thai E-Visa official website


Suvarnabhumi International Airport


Don Mueang International Airport


Local Transportation

BTS Sky Train


Bangkok MRT website


Factory Tour and Travel Information

Tourism Authority of Thailand


Automotive and Tyre Testing, Research and Innovation Center (ATTRIC)


The Erawan Museum



Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc. E-mail: SETC2024@jsae.or.jp