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Welcome to Penang

Introduction to Malaysia

From her beginning as a trading port founded by a Sumatran prince in the 13th century, Malaysia had undergone colonization by the Portuguese, Dutch and British before gaining independence in 1957. A nation made up of a federation of 13 states and 3 federal territories, Malaysia achieved tremendous growth since then.  Equipped with an educated workforce and modern infrastructures, Malaysia is attracting large foreign investment in the manufacturing technology and agriculture sectors.
Although a modern country, Malaysia is still blessed with exquisite and diverse flora and fauna. For nature lovers, the National Park is home to the most pristine 130 million years old primary rainforest.  Beautiful beaches are also in abundance on islands dotted around the peninsular west coast and east coast,  In addition, marine parks and islands off Sabah on the East Malaysia offers one of the world’s best diving site.


penangPenang or glamorously known as the Pearl of the Orient is one of Asia’s most famous islands which is located north-western of the coast of Peninsular Malaysia  This turtle-shaped island is 293 km sq in area and linked by a breathtaking 13.5 km Penang Bridge to Peninsular Malaysia.
Penang at present is an amalgamated city between the old and the new, bustling shipping port and serendipity of tropical trees and a heritage city with an industrial free trade zone called “Silicon Valley of the East”.  Its capital city, Georgetown has garnered large collection of intact pre-war buildings and modern skyscrapers.  The white sandy idyllic beaches and those friendly humble natives made up more than a thousand and one reasons to be in Penang.


Culture and History

Penang was established in 1786 by Captain Francis Light of the British East India Company as the first British trading post in the Far east.  He made arrangement ot acquire the island from the Sultan of Kedah and built Fort Cornwallis on the north-eastern corner of the island.  The fort later became the centre of a growing trading post and swelled the island’s population.
Declared as one of the UNESCO world Heritage Sites in 2008, the capital Georgetown is considered a surviving testimony of Penang glorious past.  It also reflects the cultural and religious diversity of the palace where one can actually see mosques, churches and temples situated side-by-side coexisting peacefully.